Free Culture: Get, Make, Give

Everyone has enjoyed free cultural work: free software, free articles, free questions and answers, free artwork.
And everyone has a portfolio of the work they've helped make and contributed back to society.
We host Contribution Portfolios. Make yours. See others'. Connect.

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Have you written free software or Wikipedia articles? Filed bug reports or submitted scores to Mutopia? Show the world your contributions to humanity! Build a reputation. Prove your worth with a track record. Get paid from donations.

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Do you use free software, read Wikipedia, or enjoy work under Creative Commons? It's great to get quality work for free, and immensely satisfying to reward the authors. See who's responsible for what and decide whom you want to pay in thanks.

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Have a new project in mind? Gauge popularity and find a great team. Want to see some work done? Describe it, talk about it, and see who'd excel at doing it.

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